The CMA Companion: A Guide to the Cleveland Museum of Art

The CMA Companion: A Guide to the Cleveland Museum of Art

ISBN: 1857598911

ISBN 13: 9781857598919

Publication Date: June 16, 2014

Publisher: Scala Arts Publishers Inc.

Pages: 400

Format: Paperback

Author: David Franklin

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-Only official handbook available to help the visitor navigate through the Museum's vast collection and newly-configured campus of buildings -Published to celebrate the Museum's much-anticipated opening in early 2014 The Cleveland Museum of Art is renowned for the quality and breadth of its collection, which includes 45,000 objects and spans 6,000 years of achievement in the arts. Featuring more than 350 of the museum's best known and most significant holdings, this handy and elegantly designed guidebook provides a welcome companion while exploring the museum's collection. Each object is accompanied by an accessible text that provides insight into its art historical and cultural context. Published to help celebrate the highly anticipated completion of the museum's renovation and expansion project, this definitive guide to the collection will be a must have for all visitors to the museum and anyone interested in one of the most significant museum collections in the United States.

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