Burning Desire (The Jessica Dawn Series, #1.5)

Burning Desire (The Jessica Dawn Series, #1.5)

Pages: 86

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: E.I. Jennings

4.33 of 14

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*This book is for adult readers only and contains sexually explicit scenes*

Juliet has been living her life day by day for over four hundred years but being burnt at the stake can do that to a woman. A lover lost had burned deep within her veins ever since and continues to cloud her judgement. A Vampire with a broken heart is not someone to be messed with but the Council has given her the escape she needs. However she also acquires a troublesome nineteen year old in the process that is in danger of melting her heart.

Fate is laughing in Juliet's face and situations are beginning to drag her designer clad ass through hell but with the help of friends a light is blooming on the horizon.

Troy has lived with secrets all his life and his family have paid deeply for them at the hands of Juliet. His heart is torn between his love for her and the need for revenge but every time he sees her he can not control his desires. He knows he can never replace the love she lost but he hopes he can open her heart again and make her realise she is not the 'Ice Bitch' she believes.

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