Arguing about Metaethics

Arguing about Metaethics

ISBN: 0415380278

ISBN 13: 9780415380270

Publication Date: August 23, 2006

Publisher: Routledge

Pages: 621

Format: Paperback

Authors: Andrew Fisher, Simon Kirchin

4.10 of 10

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Arguing about Metaethics collects together some of the most exciting contemporary work in metaethics in one handy volume. In it, many of the most influential philosophers in the field discuss key questions in metaethics:

Do moral properties exist?

If they do, how do they fit into the world as science conceives it?

If they don't exist, then how should we understand moral thought and language?

What is the relation between moral judgement and motivation?

As well as these questions, this volume discusses a wide range of issues including moral objectivity, truth and moral judgements, moral psychology, thick evaluative concepts and moral relativism.

The editors provide lucid introductions to each of the eleven themed sections in which they show how the debate lies and outline the arguments of the papers. Arguing about Metaethics is an ideal resource text for students at upper undergraduate or postgraduate level.

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