Practical Business Ethics for the Busy Manager

Practical Business Ethics for the Busy Manager

ISBN: 0130481092

ISBN 13: 9780130481092

Publication Date: December 27, 2003

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Pages: 175

Format: Paperback

Authors: M. Neil Browne, Andrea Giampetro-Meyer, Carrie Williamson

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With a conversational writing style, rather than the language of formal ethical theories, this short, readable book suggests to its readers that they should plan how be better business people than they would otherwise be. It contains a common sense, practical approach to doing good work--emphasizing the need to prepare in advance for ethical dilemmas, long before they arise. KEY TOPICS Chapter topics cover American corporate and organizational culture, identifying personal values, moral mentors, getting the facts necessary for good work, determining the issue that requires good work, locating the relevant law, identifying the alternative options, and applying personal ethical principles to doing good work. For business people--and people who will one day be business people--who want to make a difference in business practice and improve behavior in their selves and business environment.

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