A Shiver at Twilight

A Shiver at Twilight

Publication Date: October 26, 2011

Publisher: Books We Love

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: Erin Quinn

3.59 of 82

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Destiny brings them together, but ghosts of the past try to tear them apart...

When Carly Ryan answers her friend’s SOS on Halloween, she has no idea she’ll end up stranded in a haunted house.

But circumstances conspire against Carly and her rescue mission soon becomes a night of terror. Only the appearance of JD Dover helps her fight off the ghosts that lurk in every corner.

Sexy, capable and undaunted, JD is more than happy to be Carly’s knight in shining armor. Despite the creaking walls and eerie footsteps, despite the inexplicable ghostly happenings, Carly and JD can’t fight the attraction that consumes them and the passion that burns in their blood.

Their coming together feels fated, but is it destiny or something more sinister that has drawn them to this haunted house? As they explore the attraction flaring between them, they fight to stay alive—but neither can guess the identity of the enemy they face or the lengths to which that enemy will go to cover up its sins.

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