A Woman Scorned 3: Deja Vu

A Woman Scorned 3: Deja Vu

ISBN: 061560837X

ISBN 13: 9780615608372

Publication Date: November 27, 2012

Publisher: ESharan Publishing

Pages: 280

Format: Paperback

Author: Ericka Williams

4.53 of 10

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the last installment to the "A Woman Scorned" series, "A Woman Scorned 3-Deja Vu", Brielle is still tormented by her past. Brielle is still dealing with an uncontrollable rage within her. One that is still threatening to destroy her relationship with her husband, Shawn. Brielle has to keep Shawn from the truth of knowing that she is the one who almost killed him. She desperately needs to keep her husband, finally bring a pregnancy to full term, and have the family that she always dreamed of. Those in Shawn s care are leery of Brielle and are trying to convince Shawn to leave her. Brielle has no one to support her and be on her side. Everyone continues to scrutinize her because of Dante s death and everyone feels that she is due to get back, what she has dished out.

Brielle is trying to put the past behind her and is preparing to move forward. She is comforted by the fact that Janay is in prison, but taunted by the nude pictures that Janay sent of herself in Shawn's room. To help her heal, mentally and emotionally, Brielle enlists the help of a psychiatrist. What she does not realize is that Dr. Nia Gray is a twisted therapist who wants to control Brielle mentally and exaggerate Brielle's demons; instead of healing them. Dr. Gray has one goal in mind; to steal Shawn and save him from his crazy wife. However, another new addition to the series has the same idea.

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