In a Celandine World

In a Celandine World

ISBN: 1461133327

ISBN 13: 9781461133322

Publication Date: June 01, 2011

Publisher: Createspace

Pages: 290

Format: Paperback

Author: Catherine Thorpe

3.66 of 32

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Willow Jane has a secret. She's in love with the Boogeyman. He comes to her in her dreams. Lately, he’s been speaking to her while she’s awake. She doesn’t know why he comes to her, or how it is that she loves him. She’s never even seen him. Well, until now.

She’s accepted crazy. She’s accepted isolation—heck, she’s welcomed it. She’ll do anything to be with him. This stubborn, only child of artsy-hippie-activists packed up everything she knew, travelled across the globe, and moved into a dodgy stone cottage that leaves the grit of medieval on her skin—all in the name of love.

But life has never been that simple for Willow. Instead of solitude and happy-ever-after, she's stalked by a motley crue of mysterious townsfolk who watch her. They know things. They believe things—things that are crazier than she is.

There is a truth that has long been forgotten. A truth that was concealed in a manuscript in the 12th century. An impossible truth. A truth that these townsfolk will do anything to protect. It is a dangerous truth that will blow Willow’s secret wide open. But, Willow is determined and resourceful. And she just moved into town.

Incorporating the real life mysteries of the Voynich Manuscript, Stonehenge, and the Glastonbury Tor—In a Celandine World weaves the powerful and long-lasting tales of Arthurian Legend, Spiritual Testament, and Elf magic into a story of mystery, love, loyalty and dramatic life-altering secrets.

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